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  • Treasure Hunter Finds Lock of Hair in Lost Locket in Pippy Park

    A local treasure hunter came across an unusual and slightly unsettling find with his metal detector, while exploring a historic area of the capital city.

    Dwayne Trickett was searching for lost items in Pippy Park when he came across an old heart-shaped locket.

    At first, he didn’t think much of the discovery, until he brought it home and cleaned it up, and found a glass partition hiding a lock of hair.

    Trickett says the find is a bit eerie, especially considering it may be the last remnant of a person who is long gone. However, he finds its potential historic significance interesting.

    He says there’s a lot of history in the area, especially in portions that used to be farmland. Previous searches have turned up coins and trinkets upwards of a hundred years old.

    While curious about its origins, Trickett says a DNA test is possible but unlikely.

    According to his own research, he says the majority of the usable DNA resides in the hair’s root, which is likely to be long gone by now. While there are a few tests that may still be done, he says the cost is likely expensive.

    Trickett posted his find to the Facebook group ‘Newfoundland History Buffs.’

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