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  • Trent Butt Sentenced to Life in Prison for Murder, Three Years for Arson

    Andrea Gosse says her daughter Quinn is dead because Trent Butt wanted to punish her, and make her life “a living hell.”

    Victim Impact Statements were delivered this morning in court at Butt’s sentencing.

    The 40-year-old Carbonear man has been convicted of first degree murder and arson in the death of five-year-old Quinn Butt. It happened at Butt’s Carbonear home in April 2016.

    Andrea Gosse stood in court today, next to a poster board of photos of her late daughter Quinn.

    She says she has spent much time wondering about Quinn’s last moments, and how Trent Butt could drain the life out of his own daughter. Gosse says she questions, “Did she cry? Did she beg him to stop? Did she cry for her Mom?”

    Gosse told the Court, “I have wondered over and over again if he misses her little voice.” She says because of his sick plot, Quinn won’t graduate from Kindergarten, and will never be a mother.

    Victoria Penney is Gosse’s friend. She read in a victim impact statement that was written by her 10-year-old son Cole, Quinn’s best friend. Cole wrote, “I thought Quinn was my real sister until I was old enough to know the difference.” He said, “I love Quinn, and I know she loves me.”

    Tomorrow marks the third anniversary of Quinn’s death. She was murdered by her father Trent Butt at his home in Carbonear. He then set the house on fire, and attempted suicide, but was rescued by first responders.

    Today Justice Donald Burrage sentenced Butt to life in prison without chance of parole for 25 years. He received three years to be served concurrently for the arson conviction.

    Earlier Story

    Trent Butt will be sentenced today for the murder of his 5-year-old daughter Quinn, but tensions ramped in court this morning after issues were raised by the defence.

    Before the sentencing, court was prepared to hear statements from Quinn’s family, including her mother Andrea Gosse, who had prepared a display of photos of Quinn.

    But it almost didn’t go ahead after Butt’s defence lawyer Derek Hogan objected to Gosse’s statement saying it went too far, commenting on too much, and was not an appropriate victim impact statement.

    Tempers flared as Justice Don Burrage reviewed the statement with Gosse at one point telling Butt’s father “Your son is a pig.” as he tried to leave the room.

    In the end Burrage decided the statement was a reflection of the emotional and physical pain Gosse had suffered because of Trent Butt’s actions, and that it would go ahead.

    Statements began with Quinn’s Aunt and included one from a ten-year-old boy named Cole, who was Quinn’s friend, read by his Mom.

    “Quinn was my best friend. I thought Quinn was my real sister, until I was old enough to know the difference,” he said. “I love Quinn, and I know she loves me.”

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