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  • Tribute Paid in House of Assembly to Long-Time Provincial Politician

    Tribute was paid in the House of Assembly yesterday to the late Hal Barrett a long-time provincial politician.

    He passed away Tuesday at the age of 83.

    Barrett, a former RCMP officer, served in the House of Assembly as the PC member for St. John’s West from 1979 to 1989.

    He ran unsuccessfully for the PC leadership after former premier Brian Peckford stepped down in 1989. He lost in the first ballot.

    He served as Minister of Finance and Minister of Tourism and Development under Brian Peckford.

    Finance Minister Tom Osborne, a former member of the PC Party, paid tribute to Barrett in the House this afternoon.

    He worked in the insurance business, and served the community as former Chair of the Newfoundland Dockyard Association and as Regional Director and Commissioner of Boy Scouts Canada along with his involvement in many other organizations.

    The funeral will take place at 11:00 Friday morning from St. Mary the Virgin Anglican Church on Craigmillar Avenue in St. John’s.

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