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  • Truck Involved in Fatal Crash Allegedly Used to Steal ATV, Court Hears

    (File photo of the fatal cash near Butter Pot Park on April 19, 2016.)

    One of the vehicles involved in a deadly crash near Butter Pot April 19, 2016, was being used to steal an ATV from a nearby cabin according to testimony at the trial of Kyle Follett.

    Follett, of Clarke’s Beach, is facing one count of driving without care and attention following the accident that claimed two lives. He was driving a cube truck involved in the crash.

    The court has heard that in April 19, 2016, Lee Campbell took a Dodge Ram from Supreme Auto on Topsail Road for a test drive.

    He and Felicia Pynn drove that truck to a cabin on Salmonier Line. They had been invited there just a day prior by the cabin owner.

    Campbell and Pynn are alleged to have taken an ATV from the cabin, a flatscreen TV, and four helmets.

    According to RCMP Cst. Scott Thistle, a witness for the Crown, several calls to police from the public indicate that Dodge Ram was spotted driving very fast on the TCH. At the time of the crash, Cst. Thistle says that Dodge was clocking 170 km/h. The truck eventually left the road and went into the median.

    The ATV was ejected from the vehicle. Reports indicate Campbell attempted to retrieve the ATV and move to the truck.

    This was the first accident that caused a pile up claiming the lives of 52-year-old Randy Ralph and 40-year-old Shannon Pittman.

    Eleven days have been set aside for the trial.

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