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  • Two Dogs in Metro Hospitalized After Ingesting Cannabis Edibles in Separate Incidents

    Aspen, photo courtesy Sara's Snouts.

    At least two dogs in the metro area have been hospitalized in the last week after eating cannabis edibles.

    In two separate cases edibles were found discarded while on walks.

    Scott Hancock was walking his husky Aspen near Kenny’s Pond. He let the animal off-leash on an enclosed soccer field in the area and saw her find and chew something briefly before moving on. But on the walk home Aspen began acting strange, having trouble walking and vomiting before lying down and refusing to move.

    Hancock’s partner Lori Savory says they rushed her to the Veterinary Specialty Centre where she was put on an IV drip and monitored over night.

    They say the care Aspen received was excellent but they were lucky.

    Savory says the husky went from herself to deathly ill in a matter of minutes, and as Hancock carried her into the vet she was so still he had no idea whether or not she was alive or dead.

    A Warning for Pet Owners and Cannabis Users Alike

    Aspen is one of two dogs known to have been taken to emergency vet services over the weekend due to discarded edibles.

    As the legalization date for cannabis approaches, people using edibles should be aware of the danger they present to animals.

    As well, pet owners should familiarize themselves with the symptoms including low heart rate, vomiting, drooling, physical weakness, and pale gums.

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