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  • Union says Ambulance Workers Will Receive Owed Wages

    It looks like the 30 workers at Moore’s Ambulance in Clarke’s Beach are going to get their back wages after all.

    The provincial government doesn’t like the way Moore’s does business and is cutting ties with them. Other ambulance providers in the region are expected to pick up the slack, including Eastern Health.

    Health Minister John Haggie would not guarantee the roughly $150,000 in wages owed to the employees during his news conference on Monday, but the business agent for the union says they have since gotten that guarantee. Charlie Smallwood says employees will get their money over the next couple of weeks.

    He also told VOCM Open Line with Paddy Daly that an operator from the west coast is interested in moving into Conception Bay North and taking over the Moore’s operation.

    He says Steve Carey is expected to put something in front of government in the next while. If it’s approved, he would use all the employees of Moore’s Ambulance.

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