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  • Snow Crab Stocks in ‘Dramatic Decline’: DFO

    As expected, things aren’t looking good for the snow crab fishery.

    Snow crab became the dominant fishery in the province following the cod moratorium, but warmer waters and increased cod stocks are taking their toll.

    DFO released its 2017 snow crab assessment today showing that the overall biomass has dropped 80 percent since 2013. On the Grand Banks in NAFO division 3LNO, the biomass dropped by 50 percent between 2015 and 2016, to reach historic lows.

    Dr. Darrell Mullowney says fin fish predation and warmer waters means very little in the way of recruitment and a “dramatic decline” in many fishing areas.

    He says “it’s not a good news story.”

    The northern shrimp biomass has also reached historic lows according to numbers released last week.

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