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  • Vital Signs Highlights Post-Boom Years in Newfoundland and Labrador

    The Harris Centre has released its fifth province-wide checkup with the conclusion that the province has to diversify by attracting and retaining immigrants.

    Vital Signs is an annual account of how we are doing in terms of our health, economy, population, crime and education. The first study was done during the boom years, this one in the post-boom. While the total immigrant population increased by about 3,000 from 2011 to 2016, the report says in 15 years, kids in this province will likely not have a sibling or a cousin.

    Some key points featured in the 2018 Vital Signs report include:

    • 105 people out of 100,000 in NL went to hospital for a self-inflicted injury, compared to 68 in the rest of Canada.
    • The equivalent of two high schools a year drop out of school.
    • 66 per cent of all minimum wage workers are women.

    • This province see prescribe antibiotics 53 per cent more than the national average.
    • There are innovative things being done in the NL health care system to reduce strain on emergency rooms.
    • The cost of a healthy food basket has gone up by about $30.
    • Average household income has gone up substantially to $77,000 but people in this province are saving less.

    • 165 people were homeless in St. John’s, last April 11.
    • The province’s robbery crime rate has consistently fallen below the national average, but we have more break and enters.

    Read the full report via the Harris Centre at this link.

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