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  • Rain and Snowmelt Cause Flooding, Washouts

    (Photo courtesy Dave Bennett)

    Rain, high temperatures, flooding and washouts have created problems for residents of many parts of the province, especially on the west coast.

    Temperatures in the double digits in many area has created snow melt that has resulted in high water volumes in ponds and rivers and overwhelmed infrastructure including culverts, bridges and road washouts.

    The main damage is on the west coast where municipalities are declaring States of Emergency to keep people safe and respond to immediate needs.

    People are being asked to stay home, not to venture out and to stay away from flooded areas and where washouts have taken place.

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    RCMP say there has been a washout on the TCH, which has westbound traffic completely stopped in the Strawberry Hill area just past Little Rapids. Damage is being assessed but motorists can expect delays while emergency crews make repairs.

    Other trouble spots include Frenchmen’s Cove to Lark Harbour and Gull Pond to Stephenville, where flooding has made travel all but impossible. From Woody Point to Trout River there is debris on the road, and the Winter House Brook region the heavy rains have caused severe water buildup and flooding.

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