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  • We Aren’t Talking to Quebec About Hydro Just Yet, says Coady

    Natural Resources Minister Siobhan Coady says despite word from Opposition that the provincial government is talking to Quebec about Hydroelectric deals in the future, it just hasn’t happened yet.

    Earlier this year, the Quebec Natural Resources Minister said that Premier Dwight Ball and Quebec Premier Phillip Couillard have been talking about hydro electric deals of mutual benefit to the provinces. The Premier later said that that simply wasn’t the case.

    Minister Coady says what the Premier said remains true and that no specific conversation about Muskrat Falls or the potential Gull Island development have taken place to date. She says all that has been discussed so far is the potential to talk about mending the relationship between the provinces.

    She says there was debate this Fall about whether or not the governments have been in conversation. She says the Premiers have talked about having talks, but nothing specific has been discussed to date.

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