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  • NL-Bound Dog Lost by WestJet Found in Hamilton

    There’s a happy ending to the bizarre story involving a Newfoundland-bound Golden Labradoodle, which ended up lost in Hamilton, Ontario.

    Terri Pittman’s dog, Cooper, was being flown from Halifax to Deer Lake on Wednesday to stay with her parents in Englee while she prepared to head to Jamaica for a wedding—but the dog somehow ended up on the wrong flight, landing in Hamilton, Ontario.

    When an airport employee decided to take the dog out to relieve itself, the dog got away and ended up wandering the airport property for two days.

    Pittman was flown to Hamilton by an apologetic WestJet, and was reunited with him today.

    She says she got the call this morning that the dog had been cornered and confined to an area of the property. She says he was nervous at first but once she approached with treats and he realised who she was he was pretty excited.

    Pittman says she and Cooper are resting in a Hamilton hotel room while she plans what to do next.

    Photos courtesy Terri Candace Pittman

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