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  • Why Would Drug Users/Dealers Touch Fentanyl if it’s So Deadly?

    File photo of Fentanyl pills. Pills may not have similar appearance.

    Why would anyone want to cut illicit drugs with Fentanyl if it runs the risk of killing their client?

    That’s one of the main questions to come out of the latest spate of drug overdoses linked to Fentanyl in the last month. Fentanyl is an opioid so powerful, just two grains are enough to kill the average adult.

    At least 18 overdoses have been identified by health officials in the Eastern Health region in the last few weeks, two of which have been fatal.

    Tree Walsh of the SWAP needle exchange program says it’s all about carving out markets. She says ten years ago, there was no interest in heroin in the capital city area, because users preferred pharmaceutical grade opioids.

    She was told that back in 2005-06 the Hell’s Angels couldn’t give heroin away because local users preferred their Oxycontin, and felt safe using it.

    Walsh says that’s when the drug dealers started upping the ante.

    She says they started manufacturing pills that look like Percocet or Dilaudid for recreational users, and cutting them with Fentanyl helped increase their profit margins.

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