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  • Wildlife Research Asks Public to Help Watch Bats

    With White Nose Syndrome confirmed for three Little Brown bats in western Newfoundland, researchers are looking for help from the public.

    Senior Manager of Wildlife Research for the province, Shelly Moores, says other affected areas have seen the loss of up to 99 per cent of their bats.

    Bats provide services for insect control, and the impact of losing so many bats will take a while to see.

    Moores says there’s no way to prevent the spread of the disease, but they are monitoring it.

    She says they do winter surveys and ask people who know about the hibernacula to stay away to avoid spreading disease spores around sites. Strict decontamination protocols must be undertaken for bat surveys. As well, Moores says they need to keep an eye on summer populations.

    You can call 1-833-434-BATS (2297) if you know of potential bat hibernation sites, or regularly see bats in your area.

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