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  • Wind Farm Investors Encouraged by NL Visit

    European investors involved in the St. George’s Bay wind farm say they are pleased with what they see their first time on the island.

    CEO of Copenhagen Offshore Partners, Lars Pederson, says he is hopeful with the deal to build a 180-megawatt wind farm in St. George’s Bay struck between parent company, Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP), and Beothuk Energy.

    He says it’s his first time in the province and besides being beautiful he’s excited because the amount of wind makes it the perfect spot to begin working on offshore wind projects like they do in Europe.

    CIP manages Danish, Norwegian and Swedish pension funds.

    CIP and Beothuk Energy are investigating the potential for more wind energy projects in the province.

    Pederson says it will benefit the people of the province as much as it does his investors.

    He says this is a major marine construction project that not only creates manufacturing jobs but keeps people employed near the the project while the turbines are offshore for 25 years.

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