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  • Winter War Games at 5 Wing Goose Bay

    Hundreds of Canadian soldiers are taking part in a winter warfare training simulation this week at the 5 Wing Canadian Air Force Base in Goose Bay.

    Nearly 600 soldiers from the 5th Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group in Valcartier, Quebec are involved in the exercise.

    Captain Simon Mailloux says it’s an important exercise for the Canadian military.

    He says it’s a conventional warfare scenario where troops are deployed to defend the Goose Bay airport as a strategic location and involves many different exercises to prepare the troops for whatever they may encounter during an attack.

    Troops are defending the airport during a simulated attack involving other soldiers and changing circumstances on the battlefield.

    Mailloux says soldiers need to be able to adapt anything that could happen on the battlefield, and Goose Bay provides the perfect space to do it.

    He says they chose Goose Bay because it puts soldiers in an unfamiliar situation and the base provides a lot of land to maneuver while allowing them to have live firing in remote areas of Labrador.

    Mailloux says it’s a major endeavor for the army and they’re looking at Goose Bay for continued military training in the north.

    The exercise began last Friday and wraps up tomorrow.


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