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  • Witness at Brandon Phillips Murder Trial Addresses Court

    A witness who testified today at the Brandon Phillips trial in St. John’s recalls the murder weapon a little differently today than he did two years ago.

    Shawn Deeley was staying at the Captains Quarters on the night of the 2015 shooting death of Larry Wellman. Just hours after the incident, Deeley told the RNC that the gunman had a sawed off 12 gauge, pump action shotgun.

    This afternoon, during cross examination by the Defence, Deeley admits “All I can remember about the shotgun today is the barrel being pointed at me.”

    Deeley works for a security company but was in St Johns on business on the night in question. Prior to his current job, he spent over a decade in the armed forces. He admits his training kicked in, and he did a sweep of the room, making sure everyone was ok, and was careful not to contaminate the crime scene.

    He described the gunman in court today as someone who didn’t appear to have any control. He says he seemed to lack confidence, and says he seemed desperate.

    Deeley was questioned this morning by the crown and shown video surveillance from the Captains Quarters that evening.

    He’ll return to the stand in the morning.

    Earlier Story

    The Brandon Phillips first degree murder trial resumed this morning in St. John’s Supreme Court. The 29-year-old is charged in the 2015 shooting death of Larry Wellman at the Captain’s Quarters in St. John’s.

    The trial began this morning with witness Shawn Deeley. Deeley is not from the capital city. He was in St. John’s on business, and staying at the Captain’s Quarters on the night in question.

    Deeley told the court he left his suite to get a coke at the bar, and decided to try his luck on the VLTs.

    Just before midnight, he left his machine to head to the bathroom, and while there, Deeley says he heard a smacking noise. He described it as wood on wood. Then, he says, he heard a woman scream.

    He left the bathroom. He says a bartender ran by, visible distraught.

    Deeley told the court he locked eyes with a masked man holding a shotgun and dressed in black.

    Deeley says the gunman swung his shotgun at a man at the bar—the victim, Larry Wellman. He says Wellman swung a bar stool back. Deeley told the court he then thought “someone is going to be shot,” when he heard the “pop” from the gun. He says Wellman grabbed his groin area and fell to the ground.

    Deeley says he ran back to the bathroom and called 911. Following that he helped pack Wellman’s wound until police arrived.

    The trial resumes this afternoon.

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