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  • Labrador Family Speaks out after Ambulance Ordeal

    The son-in-law of a woman who died waiting for an ambulance in Happy Valley-Goose Bay is speaking out about the ordeal.

    Carson Swain is the son-in-law of a woman who died on her kitchen floor after waiting 40 minutes for an ambulance. She lived with Swain and his wife, who were at home during the ordeal.

    Swain says she wasn’t well for a few days leading up to needing an ambulance, but it was the confusion that followed after three separate calls to the ambulance service that has the family upset.

    He says the ambulance called the fire department for assistance, and they took three minutes to arrive. The firefighters waved at the ambulance, which was parked on the side of the road, to direct them to the right location.

    Swain says two neighbours performed CPR on his mother-in-law for the entire 40 minutes, until the ambulance attendants arrived.

    He says they finally came out and said they couldn’t save her. He says they refused to take her body to the hospital, and they were told they would have to wait for the funeral home. Swain says they waited four to five hours with her left on the kitchen floor.

    Yesterday, government terminated its contract with the private ambulance operator after finding it had failed to comply with its contract. The operator is supposed to have two ambulance vehicles ready at all times, but it did not.

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