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  • Work Continues to Improve Quality of NL Fish Product, says FFAW

    The FFAW continues to work on getting product to fish plants in the best shape possible. That from President Keith Sullivan, who says it’s a continuous process, but admits it’s an ongoing challenge.

    Sullivan says they have made great strides over the past couple of years.

    He says in two years, they went from 65 per cent premium Grade A Fish to 85 per cent. But he says everyone plays a role in getting the fresh product to its destination, particularly if it’s headed to the mainland or out of country.

    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced in mid-July that North Vancouver MP Jonathon Wilkson would be the country’s new fisheries minister.

    Sullivan says the FFAW is working to get a meeting with the new minister as soon as possible as the fishery on the east coast is different from the fishery on the west coast.

    He says there is a Bill going through the House of Commons that will protect inshore fishermen. He hopes to discuss that with the minister.

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