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  • Work Resumes on Controversial Western Brook Pond Upgrades

    As the peak tourist season comes to a close, infrastructure upgrades at Western Brook Pond in Gros Morne National Park are resuming.

    Parks Canada is preparing for vegetation restoration, trail and wharf reconstruction in Western Brook Pond.

    People were up in arms earlier this summer complaining about the upgrades that left the nature trail resembling a wide, gravel road. The aim, according to Parks Canada, is to create new rest areas and viewing points for hikers.

    The trail will officially close to all visitors on October 15th as another phase of the project begins. This phase involves vegetation restoration, finishing of the surface of the trail, reconstruction of the wharf, limited dredging along the channel to the boat house, and replacement of the siding and roof on the boathouse.

    The trail will reopen in May of 2019, and over the next few seasons, Parks Canada will continue to restore vegetation along the trail and bring in interpretive elements to enhance visitor experience.

    Changes to the trail will create opportunity to address the needs and interests of a broader range, including cyclists and those who have limited mobility.

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