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  • Work Underway to Get SeaRose Production Back Up and Running

    (SeaRose FPSO via Husky)

    Work is underway to get the SeaRose FPSO back up and running after a spill in the offshore nearly two months ago.

    Some 250,000 litres of oil spilled into the ocean on November 16 as the SeaRose was in the process of preparing for the resumption of production following one of the worse storms in the offshore in recent history.

    Production has yet to resume and Husky says it’s been working to complete inspections and revise processes to ensure that they are able to proceed in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

    The company is working on recovery and plugging of the flowline.

    (Field layout map, showing the Central Drill Centre (CDC) relative to the South White Rose Extension (SWRX). Graphic courtesy Husky Energy.)

    Husky’s Senior Vice President for the Atlantic Region, Trevor Pritchard says part of what’s taking time is the development and testing of the plugs for the flowline.

    He says the plugs, which must insert into the eight-inch flowline, must be engineered and fabricated because they’re not readily available on the market. They then have to build their procedures around that.

    Meanwhile, flushing and leak testing of the Central Drill Centre is expected to happen in the coming days, dependent on the right weather window.

    Pritchard says that will likely be Sunday into Monday. He says they’ll have all the appropriate mitigations in place including ROVs, a couple of vessels on the surface equipped with radar systems that can pick up oil on water and the usual spill equipment.

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