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  • Workers Displaced by Black Duck Cove Fire to be Accommodated at Trinity Bay Plant

    (Photo courtesy Bruce Tucker via Facebook.)

    The fire that destroyed the Quinlan Brothers fish plant in Black Duck Cove on the Northern Peninsula caused some tense moments last night.

    RCMP say dangerous chemicals on site were a concern and caused a number of explosions as fire consumed the building. The area, including nearby homes, were evacuated as a precaution.

    The efforts of local firefighters to douse the flames were restricted because of the burning chemicals, and they concentrated their efforts on ensuring public safety.

    Police and firefighters remain on the scene.

    The loss of the plant is considered a significant economic blow to the region.

    (Photo courtesy Edwina Williams via Facebook.)

    Company Offers to Relocate Affected Workers

    Gulf Shrimp Limited, which is owned jointly by QuinSea Fisheries and Quinlan Brothers, issued a release today saying plans are underway to provide employment to all production employees and staff at the Black Duck Cove plant at other facilities in the province.

    The plant has operated as a successful shrimp processing business in Black Duck Cove since 2003.

    The production facilities at Old Perlican in Trinity Bay are able to accommodate the entire workforce. Affected employees will be temporarily relocated while the company will provide accommodation and relocation allowances to ensure that workers secure meaningful seasonal employment.

    The company says its immediate priority is on displaced workers and they will provide further updates on their progress.

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