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  • Your Bird Feeder Could Be Killing Songbirds

    A warning today to people with bird feeders in their backyards during the summer: your birdfeeder could be killing songbirds.

    Memorial University professor and bird specialist, Dr. Bill Montevecchi, says the presence of the frounce parasite in local bird feeders is killing birds at an “unprecedented” rate. He says he’s had calls from all over the province, and he believes an unusually warm summer could be to blame.

    He says the parasite is fairly common, but for some reason appears to be spreading very rapidly, mainly through bird feeders.

    Montevecchi says food is plentiful for birds this time of year, and there’s really no need to have bird feeders out in the summer.

    He says many people put out bird feeders in the summer because they like to have birds in their garden, but that they could actually be adding to the problem. He suggests people take their feeders down, sterilize them and not put them out in the summer months.

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