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    A discussion of the impact of Budget 2016, featuring MUN Political Scientist Stephen Tomlin, Charlene Brake from CBS, Tracy Murphy from Bay Roberts, Jon Parsons ( Social Justice Cooperative of NL ) and Damien Keating from Deer Lake ( on the phone ) who started a petition against the levy.







    A St. John’s man is speaking out about his experience with a family member’s eating disorder with the hope it will help others who are suffering. Wilf Curran’s daughter Lana passed away last month, she was 36. Lana had battled bulimia for about 20 years. While her situation was complicated by juvenile diabetes, Curran is sure it was the eating disorder that ultimately caused her death.

    Curran joined the Eating Disorder Foundation of NL when it started. He is still a member of the Board of Directors. Fred Hutton presents a special VOCM Roundtable: Lana’s Story.


    March 5-7, the Department of Gender Studies at Memorial University and the Safe Harbour Outreach Project hosted a three day event called Sex Work: Soliciting Reflections to encourage informed conversations about sex work.


    Left to right: Emily van der Meulen, Morgan M. Page, and Laura Winters.

    This roundtable featured three speakers involved with that event. Dr. Emily van der Meulen is an Associate Professor in the Department of Criminology at Ryerson University. Her research interests broadly include the criminalization of sexual labour, gendered experiences of surveillance, and prison health and harm reduction.

    Morgan M. Page is a transsexual performance and video artist, writer, and activist in Montreal. She is a former sex worker and has been working in sex workers’ organizing for the past decade.

    Laura Winters is the Coordinator of S.H.O.P., the Safe Harbour Outreach Project, with the St. John’s Status of Women’s Council / Women’s Centre in St. John’s.

    The roundtable is moderated by VOCM News Director Fred Hutton and VOCM News Reporter/ Web Editor and Master of Gender Studies candidate at Memorial University, Zaren Healey White.


    This roundtable features Vince Withers, Chair of the Eating Disorder Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador, Patricia Nash, Dr. Michelle Neary, and Stephanie Lee.


    OUTLOOK 2015


    Newfoundland and Labrador will face some significant challenges this year. With oil prices in rapid decline and two general elections slated for 2015, we assembled a panel to discuss what people can expect over the coming 12 months.


    Oil will play a big role in how the provincial government weathers this storm, so to discuss what is happening within the industry, we called on Rob Strong who has been working In the business since 1979.


    Allison Coffin is a per-course instructor at the Department of Economics at MUN. She teaches a course entitled Structure and Problems of the Newfoundland  and Labrador Economy.


    Operating a business in this economy will not be without its challenges. John Steele is President of Steele Communications, which operates 28 Radio Licenses in Nfld and Labrador. John is also President of Steele Hotels, with a combined workforce of approximately 600 employees.


    With federal and provincial elections scheduled in 2015, it is promising to be a very busy year. Stephen Tomblin is a professor in Political Science and Medicine at Memorial University.


    Listen below for the VOCM Roundtable discussion, Outlook 2015, hosted by Fred Hutton.




    Our year-end roundtable takes a look at 2014’s most prominent stories, discussed by the journalists who covered them. From the House of Assembly to the Supreme Court of Canada, here’s what our reporters had to say.




    The complete audio of a VOCM Special Roundtable Presentation with John Crosbie and Bill Barry, moderated by Fred Hutton, can be heard below.



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