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  • Initiative Explores Religious Freedom, Faith in the Public Sphere

    A group of young people of different faiths are gathering for coffee and a roundtable discussion at the invitation of the Cardus Religious Freedom Institute—the country’s only Christian thinktank.

    The Faith in the Future initiative explores issues around the importance of religious freedom in our lives.

    Rev. Dr. Andrew Bennett is director of the Institute. He told VOCM’s Paddy Daly that their Faith in the Future initiative is a multi-faith project asking, in the modern age, how one lives their faith in the public sphere.

    He says Christians particularly have bought into what he calls a “post-Enlightenment myth” that religion should be private. He says for most of history religion has been lived in the public sphere, rather than a comfortable pew.

    Bennett feels getting people to talk about faith in public, instead of only in private at home, means that we have to engage with ideas that are different and learn how to live together peacefully.

    Rev. Dr. Andrew Barrett spoke on the VOCM Morning Show with Paddy Daly. Listen below.

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