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  • ‘My Body, My Choice’: Pro-Choice Rally Marches in St. John’s

    Chants of “we won’t go backwards” and “my body, my choice” rang through the Confederation Building this afternoon as part of a pro-choice rally.

    A large group of people of different ages and backgrounds gathered outside of Confederation Building this afternoon for the “March of Lies” pro-choice rally—a counter-protest to the March for Life rally happening at the same time. However, by the time the rally got going, the pro-life group had already departed.

    A group of a dozen or more pro-life supporters held their own rally on the front lawn of the Confederation Building. However, a person attending the rally says the two groups stayed separate, and didn’t clash.

    Peg Norman, who took part in the pro-choice rally, says it was important to be there and fight for women’s rights because no one can assume what they’ve fought for so far is here to stay, like what’s happening south of the border.

    Chants and signs for pro-choice were prominent with quotes like “my body, my choice” and “abortion is healthcare.”

    Norman says for those who are against abortion and women’s rights to “stay home out of it.”

    Executive Director of Planned Parenthood Nikki Baldwin spoke on the VOCM Morning Show. Listen below:

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