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  • Plentiful Icebergs a Warning Sign of Climate Change: McKenna

    While all of those big beautiful icebergs around the coasts of Newfoundland are a great sight to see, they are a sign of climate change.

    Federal Environment and Climate Change Minister, Catherine McKenna sat in on a roundtable discussion this morning with a few of the province’s mayors at City Hall in St. John’s.

    Minister McKenna says while icebergs are a great tourist attraction, they’re not necessarily a good thing.

    She says it’s dangerous to see this many icebergs, and we will see more multi-year ice separating and coming south—another issue for those out on the waters.

    A number of topics were brought forward and discussed around the impacts of climate change. One in particular was on communities becoming more resilient.

    There is a new Climate Services Centre that will provide communities with more granular information about climate projections.

    This means municipalities have to think about the infrastructure they build. Where they build, how they build and how they ensure the infrastructure can handle adverse weather conditions.

    McKenna says it’s about making sure they protect people, and there was a strong view of that meaning more investments.

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