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  • Polar Bear Warning Issued for Town of Fleur de Lys

    (Sal Walsh // Facebook.)

    A polar bear warning has been issued for the town of Fleur de Lys after one was spotted roaming near the community this morning.

    The Town shared photos on its Facebook page showing a polar bear wandering the shoreline across the harbour from the town. Wildlife officials were contacted.

    The Department of Land Resources says conservation officers are on the scene, monitoring the animal’s movements.

    They’re encouraging residents to travel in groups when possible, keep pets under close supervision, and to take proper care to avoid attracting a bear into the community.

    If you encounter a polar bear, stay downwind and quietly back away. If the bear takes notice of you, remain calm, give the animal room to leave, avoid eye contact, and back away but never run.

    Anyone who sees a polar bear in the area is asked to contact the Springdale wildlife office at 709-673-3821, or 709-673-4525 after hours.

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