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  • Project Manager Accuses Astaldi of Not Bringing Top Team to Labrador

    He didn’t use the term “bait and switch” but a key manager with the Muskrat Falls Project Team accused Astaldi of not bringing its “A” team to Labrador.

    In its contract submission, Astaldi gave the names and profiles of the people who would be running the show. However, Muskrat Falls General Manager Ron Power says many of them never showed up for even a day and some of those that did show up didn’t stay long.

    The contract was not awarded until the end of November of 2013, about four months late. Astaldi was already expressing concern about producing first power in 2017.

    Power knew it was an ambitious schedule, but still thought it achievable.

    He notes that Astaldi is the fifth or sixth largest hydro constructor in the world so when they say they can do something, you take it at face value.

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