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  • Trent Butt Appealing Murder Conviction

    Trent Butt has appealed his first degree murder conviction in connection to the death of his five-year-old daughter Quinn.

    Trent Butt filed his handwritten appeal yesterday, in the same neat handwriting as his Final Words letter, a written confession he left in his truck after he killed his little girl Quinn.

    Butt admitted to killing his daughter during trial, but said he doesn’t remember it, and that it wasn’t pre-mediated. He pleaded guilty to lighting his house on fire. A jury found him guilty of murder in the first degree.

    Butt is appealing his murder conviction and life sentence on the basis that the verdict is unreasonable and cannot be supported by the evidence.

    In his Grounds of Appeal, he raises concerns with the jury selection process. He says the trial judge erred in his final instructions to the jury, and accuses the judge of showing bias towards the Crown’s case throughout.

    Butt also accuses his defence counsel of being incompetent. Because of that, and a non-disclosure of evidence by the prosecution, Butt says “a miscarriage of justice resulted.”

    A hearing will be scheduled and a panel of three judges will hear the appeal.

    Mother Responds

    “He’s delaying the inevitable.”

    That’s the belief of Quinn’s mother, Andrea Gosse who says she and her family were notified yesterday that Butt was launching an appeal.

    Gosse says she can’t see the matter going back to trial. Despite that she says they’re ready, no matter what happens.

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