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  • Young Girl’s Thank You to Police Decorates Wall at RNC HQ

    (Photo by Amy Fitzpatrick.)

    The RNC’s new Appreciation Wall features a design from a local student offering police gratitude, and something to aspire to.

    RNC Chief Joe Boland says he was inspired by the design of Morris Academy Student Emma Neville, which is why it is now emblazoned on the wall at RNC headquarters.

    Twelve-year-old Emma put a lot of thought and care into a special thank you card for RNC officers as part of a Mount Pearl Citizens Crime Prevention Committee program.

    It featured five “helping” hands in a circle of care, in colours representing police, fire, and health care responders.

    The hands are comprised of words like Honesty, Bravery, and Trust; ideals Emma says make up the people that keep our community safe.

    (Photo by Amy Fitzpatrick.)

    Since she provided her art for the RNC appreciation wall, they returned the favour with a print of a young girl, about Emma’s age, meeting a pair of mounted police.

    Emma has already served as Police Chief for a Day, but says she could see herself as an officer again some time in the future.

    (Photo by Amy Fitzpatrick.)

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