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  • LISTEN A Cry for Help: Inmates Tell of Red Flags Leading to Deaths at Clarenville Correctional

    Inmates and those close to inmates at the Clarenville Correctional Centre have been reaching out in recent weeks following the deaths of two young women at the facility.

    VOCM News has received information from inmates at the facility outlining their feelings of grief, frustration, and helplessness in the wake of the two incidents, which are now part of an investigation led by retired RNC Superintendent, Marlene Jesso.

    VOCM News has been told that fellow inmates were aware that both women had been struggling to some extent before their deaths.

    Listen to VOCM’s Gerri Lynn Mackey talk about the situation with Paddy Daly:

    In the first case, inmates say the 27-year-old had showed behaviour they say was a “cry for help”. They say the young woman had a number of incidents involving self-harm. They claim she repeatedly stated that she wanted to harm herself and had asked to go to the Waterford Hospital. On the day she died they claim she had been banging on the door of her cell for an extended period of time.

    “During the few days leading up to the tragedy, her cries for help were ignored by staff.

    A lot of us inmates were friends with her. We were fully aware of the issues at hand and we felt helpless.¬†Several of us inmates voiced concern to staff about her well-being but our concerns were abruptly disregarded. She showed behaviours that we all agree were a cry for help.”

    РExcerpt from letter received by VOCM from Inmates

    The inmates say to remember her they stuck hearts with their favourite memories on the woman’s cell door, but they were removed.

    28-year-old Samantha Piercey (right) passed away at the facility on May 26th. Inmates say they’re disgusted that yet another young woman had died when there were warning signs.

    “So with these things happening and inmates being neglected at the wrong times, how can any of us feel safe? It’s not right…”

    They say they have been left feeling helpless and unsupported following the recent incidents and reached out to VOCM News expressing concern that they are not safe in the event of an emergency situation.

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